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MLP Question

I have a question that has been plaguing me for a while. When did Applejack’s parents die? I ask this because in the episode where the main six are explaining how they got their cutie marks it shows a younger Applejack with a young Big Mac as well. So if their parents were dead at this point, then who the hell is Applebloom’s parents? They say that she is Applejack’s younger sister but I don’t remember seeing her in Applejack’s cutie mark origin.

Seeing as there is so much turbulence going on in the Game industry I was going to make a huge post about it, but I think Boogie does a better job than me. I highly suggest watching his videos, I love this guy.



if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

god i hate when people leak my baby pictures



if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

god i hate when people leak my baby pictures

Destiny Beta

Hello everyone, if any of you have a PS3 and would like to play games and stuff with me my PSN tag is Bladed_Thorn. I’ll be playing the Destiny Beta till its over so just drop a friend request and lemme know you’re from Tumblr :)


Hey there people, sorry bout the absence. Anyways I have a question that has been plaguing me for some time now. Why do people hate Juggalos so much? I personally love Insane Clown Posse’s music but I can’t personally identify as a juggalo because I don’t dress like one and I don’t go to concerts . I find their music funny and has some solid messages at times. Killing pedophiles and racist bigots is something I can’t really call foul on. I just don’t understand this hatred towards the juggalo community. A couple of my close friends are juggalos and they are really chill dudes. I’d really like an explanation on this seemingly pointless hate.

So much Hype!!!

Hey guys, just a quick fan squeal post. So, of every game to that’s supposed to cone out this year there is one title that I’m absolutely gaga over…. Destiny! I’ve read every single feed, watched every trailer, and follow the development almost religiously. I have never been this excited for a game before. This game will revolutionize the FPS genre yet again, like Bungee has before with Halo. I highly suggest that anyone who loves FPS games should go look into Destiny.

Holy Game Obsessions

Sorry about the lack of posts everyone, I got three new games that have completely sucked up my time. I first got Breath of Fire IV on my PS3 because a friend recommended it and it is freakin sweet. The other games I got was White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2 for PS3 and sweet baby jaysus is that game awesome. I would highly recommend both titles to anyone who likes JRPG type games.

Random selfie time!!!!!

Random selfie time!!!!!


The subject of this debate is whether AIs are “people-” whether they possess the same degree of personhood as humans, and whether that entitles them to the same rights.

You have heard all the arguments for and against the consciousness, intelligence, free will, and cognition of artificial…

this is extremely well written. I would support a movement like this. I also HIGHLY suggest reading Questionable Content, it is the funniest web comic I’ve ever read. Start at the very beginning to understand the story.

E3 Impressions

To be honest, E3 this year did not really catch much of my interest. The only conference I enjoy watching was Sony’s bit. They announced some interesting new titles (particularly BloodBourne by From Software, Souls games geeks unite) and showed of some new features but overall nothing at E3 really was that interesting. The only announcement that got me extremely happy was that Playstation users like myself will get exclusive and awesome content for Destiny (the ONLY game I’m looking forward to). I do hope some other big things get announced but so far I’m just gonna sit out of the hype this time around. 

As you may have noticed

I’m making a few changes to the blog. I’m going to be straight with y’all, I’m a brony but not a passionate one. I’m not honestly that active in the brony fandom. I read a ton of the OC comics here on tumblr but that is about all I do fandom wise. My true passion is playing video games and talking about them. I will naturally talk about Brony things if anything comes up that is noteworthy, otherwise I’m mostly going to talk about games or other subjects I find interesting. I hope you guys will like my ramblings.

Watch Dogs…..

I genuinely like the game but I have one teensy nit pick…… So you are a super intelligent, technologically advanced, super hacker yeah? Hacking people for quick money and toting military grade weaponry? Then why in the god damned world do I not have some sort of Tranquilizer gun!?!?!? I have felt like suck a dick-bag for killing certain enemies. I profiled one shmuck and it says “Planning son’s first birthday party” and he was blocking the door that would be in full view of his buddies were I to stick whack him. I never felt suck remorse for shooting a game enemy before.

Small Progress Update

I finally got a job!!! Got a job at Starbucks, laugh it up, and I’m quite eager to finally start working. Now that I have something to do all day I finally have a schedule to abide by. I’ve put Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as my official Tumblr post days. Be sure to check those days for new posts.

Wildstar Rules!!!

If you haven’t heard of it, I highly suggest checking out the new MMO Wildstar. I have been following the games progress for some time and it was released on June 3rd. The game is the most creative and fun MMO to come out in a long time and I hope it gets many players because it has soooooo much potential to finally defeat World of Warcraft. Our own Twilight Sparkle has her voice in the game (debut trailer but not sure if in game). I would highly recommend going on the website and watching all the Dev-speak and trailer videos, they do an amazing job showing off the games unique features and characters. Long live the Exiles and death to the Dominion!!!!

Late Night Musings

At the risk of catching flak for this post, I’m gonna discuss the big bad topic of…… Religion *insert scary music*!!! I’m just going to put my opinion on here and hope someone shares similar views. I am by most counts a Christian, but not in the most normal sense. I believe that God exists (though I do believe that there may be more than one) and that it is a benevolent force that watches over our universe. However the stories in the bible are just that to me, stories. I do not believe anything that any written religious text says because of one simple reason, a human being wrote it. We humans are a cruel and manipulative species by nature and will use any means to control or surpass our fellow man. Religion is a way to control people and that is why I no longer attend church. For all we know, the bible could easily have been written as something to control people and herd them under one cause. I have actually read the bible back to front (Mormon family and upbringing) and I’ve noticed that once and while that passages or pages feel like they are missing something. The bible has had many revisions and I think each one pulls out something that does not flatter the views the church is trying to push on people. Now I’m not saying the church is a bad thing, Christian faith has helped a good share of people. What seems to be forgotten is that it has also hurt its fair share as well. The Spanish Inquisition and the Holy Crusades are just some examples. Every religion out there has some decorated past or dark secrets that is true, I sadly have not researched many other religions because it honestly does not interest me. I think that people should just believe in what they believe, but do not take everything you see for fact. Human error, greed, and lust for power may have tainted these so called “Holy” texts and thus why I do not trust them. As long as you are a good person and try your best to live well I think we will be rewarded in the afterlife.