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The Evil Within….. I think not.

Hello all, I recently picked up The Evil Within in the vain hopes of finding a game that would scare me, sadly it didn’t even come close. First off, the protagonist is one of the most bland and uninteresting characters I’ve seen in quite some time. I could not find any reason to like or sympathies with him. He has no emotional response to any of the events in the game that are believable or close to realistic. I get the sense that this may be intentional as a parody of sorts but I can’t find any way to confirm it. The next glaring issue with this game is how predictable it gets after about the second chapter. I eventually got to the point where I could predict the next encounter and sigh in exasperation at the upcoming loss of ammo and resources. The enemies are not even all that threatening (“boss” monsters exempt) and are easily manipulated into neat firing lines with no effort. The only thing threatening about these basic enemies is they waste ammo you’ll need for the next scripted segment of fighting. One glaring problem with the before mentioned “boss” monsters is how easily their pathing can be manipulated in your favor. The more notorious four armed blood lady was extremely easy to outmaneuver or guide to the obvious “shoot this to kill her” barrels. The only “boss” monster to ever give me a headache was “The Keeper” (safe on head fella) due to the horrible camera angles letting me walk backwards into his trip mines. That brings me to the subject of the horrible camera problem. Almost every death I suffered throughout my play through was due to me having to fight with the camera to look at the cosmic monstrosity that is looking to bite my buttocks. I fiddled with the camera sensitivity and it still did not help very much. On the subject of camera, how close the camera is to our cardboard protagonist is somewhat annoying. It’s not a problem as much as it is a little annoying. The next bit I’d like to tackle is the games combat. Now this is where the game actually does something very well. The controls for fighting and shooting are very responsive and simple to grasp. The gimmick of burning enemies with matches for a quick disposal is nice at first but loses its practicality rather quick. I do have to give that there were a few fights that had my palms sweaty and my pulse up, but that was due to the unexpected nature of the encounter more than the monster itself. In that respect, one encounter with the chainsaw wielding fellow around chapter 6 did catch me off guard because I had wasted all my good ammo on the basic enemies. I had to resort to freezing him with the ice bolts and chucking grenades between his legs. That is the only fight that sticks out to me as a tense enemy encounter. On a small side note Idid not like the main enemy of the game, Ruvik. He has a complete lack of characterization or urgency for the first half of the game so I actually almost forgot about him. Another small complaint is the lack of complex puzzles or a sense or urgency when solving them. When I saw the trailers I was expecting some Saw like traps with deadly consequences for me or my partners. Speaking of partners, the pet AI this time around is actually not a hindrance to you. His purpose is essentially keeping enemies away from you while you pick them off. The last little bit I will complain about is the complete lack of atmosphere. After the somewhat tense tutorial, the game loses all tension and becomes just another gore-fest action shooter. The Evil Within has left me rather disappointed, and I’m really sad to say that. This game is yet another victim of horror games no longer relying on atmosphere and tension, but instead on stressful fights and attempted gross out gore scares. I miss games like Fatal Frame and Silent Hill 2 where combat was in the backseat and atmosphere was driving the game along to truly frighten the player.

Game Suggestions

Anyone got any suggestions for games? I’ve practically played out my library of games and I need something new to play. I’m rather fond of games like Dragon’s Dogma or Fable.


So I’ve been metaphorically kicked straight in the balls by the game industry. I was so damn excited for Destiny and I’ve never been as disappointed as I am with this game. I’ve given it a very solid run and I just can’t take anymore. I am already bored to death with it. I’ve retreated back to games I know are good (at the moment Farcry 3 and GTA 5). I am very annoyed with myself for getting excited over a new game that Activision has their greedy little paws in. I really call them at fault for Destiny’s failings. The story feels chopped up and stunted because Activision wants to sell it in $20 DLC. I’m officially not gonna hype myself up for games anymore. The only thing I do have an eye out on is Farcry 4 because I have a great fondness for the Farcry series. Well that’s my piece, thoughts and opinions?

MLP Question

I have a question that has been plaguing me for a while. When did Applejack’s parents die? I ask this because in the episode where the main six are explaining how they got their cutie marks it shows a younger Applejack with a young Big Mac as well. So if their parents were dead at this point, then who the hell is Applebloom’s parents? They say that she is Applejack’s younger sister but I don’t remember seeing her in Applejack’s cutie mark origin.

Seeing as there is so much turbulence going on in the Game industry I was going to make a huge post about it, but I think Boogie does a better job than me. I highly suggest watching his videos, I love this guy.



if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

god i hate when people leak my baby pictures



if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

god i hate when people leak my baby pictures

Destiny Beta

Hello everyone, if any of you have a PS3 and would like to play games and stuff with me my PSN tag is Bladed_Thorn. I’ll be playing the Destiny Beta till its over so just drop a friend request and lemme know you’re from Tumblr :)


Hey there people, sorry bout the absence. Anyways I have a question that has been plaguing me for some time now. Why do people hate Juggalos so much? I personally love Insane Clown Posse’s music but I can’t personally identify as a juggalo because I don’t dress like one and I don’t go to concerts . I find their music funny and has some solid messages at times. Killing pedophiles and racist bigots is something I can’t really call foul on. I just don’t understand this hatred towards the juggalo community. A couple of my close friends are juggalos and they are really chill dudes. I’d really like an explanation on this seemingly pointless hate.

So much Hype!!!

Hey guys, just a quick fan squeal post. So, of every game to that’s supposed to cone out this year there is one title that I’m absolutely gaga over…. Destiny! I’ve read every single feed, watched every trailer, and follow the development almost religiously. I have never been this excited for a game before. This game will revolutionize the FPS genre yet again, like Bungee has before with Halo. I highly suggest that anyone who loves FPS games should go look into Destiny.

Holy Game Obsessions

Sorry about the lack of posts everyone, I got three new games that have completely sucked up my time. I first got Breath of Fire IV on my PS3 because a friend recommended it and it is freakin sweet. The other games I got was White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2 for PS3 and sweet baby jaysus is that game awesome. I would highly recommend both titles to anyone who likes JRPG type games.

Random selfie time!!!!!

Random selfie time!!!!!


The subject of this debate is whether AIs are “people-” whether they possess the same degree of personhood as humans, and whether that entitles them to the same rights.

You have heard all the arguments for and against the consciousness, intelligence, free will, and cognition of artificial…

this is extremely well written. I would support a movement like this. I also HIGHLY suggest reading Questionable Content, it is the funniest web comic I’ve ever read. Start at the very beginning to understand the story.

E3 Impressions

To be honest, E3 this year did not really catch much of my interest. The only conference I enjoy watching was Sony’s bit. They announced some interesting new titles (particularly BloodBourne by From Software, Souls games geeks unite) and showed of some new features but overall nothing at E3 really was that interesting. The only announcement that got me extremely happy was that Playstation users like myself will get exclusive and awesome content for Destiny (the ONLY game I’m looking forward to). I do hope some other big things get announced but so far I’m just gonna sit out of the hype this time around. 

As you may have noticed

I’m making a few changes to the blog. I’m going to be straight with y’all, I’m a brony but not a passionate one. I’m not honestly that active in the brony fandom. I read a ton of the OC comics here on tumblr but that is about all I do fandom wise. My true passion is playing video games and talking about them. I will naturally talk about Brony things if anything comes up that is noteworthy, otherwise I’m mostly going to talk about games or other subjects I find interesting. I hope you guys will like my ramblings.

Watch Dogs…..

I genuinely like the game but I have one teensy nit pick…… So you are a super intelligent, technologically advanced, super hacker yeah? Hacking people for quick money and toting military grade weaponry? Then why in the god damned world do I not have some sort of Tranquilizer gun!?!?!? I have felt like suck a dick-bag for killing certain enemies. I profiled one shmuck and it says “Planning son’s first birthday party” and he was blocking the door that would be in full view of his buddies were I to stick whack him. I never felt suck remorse for shooting a game enemy before.